Quilla Constance Underwear: a whole new take on getting your knickers in a twist

Quilla Constance.  Photo by Simon Richardson.  All Rights Reserved.

We are pleased to introduce Quilla Constance Underwear™ a brand spanking new, limited edition lingerie line that will be exclusively available at the Dirt and Stardust gallery shop.

Now, I haven’t seen these yet, in fact, they’re only freshly conceived, but I’ve had a dream about them.  Which is very strange because the day after I dreamt of these pants, I received the following postscript in an email from Quilla Constance:

“PS  I’ve been in bed all morning and most of the afternoon drifting in and out of a Propofol induced coma…I finally reached a Shamanic state of enlightenment when not one but THREE underwear ideas presented themselves to me.”

You can pre-order here.

Quilla Constance, an extension of Jennifer Allen’s art practice, is a unique hybrid, a former strip tease dancer and, now, an electronica punk singer who holds a first class degree from Oxford and an MFA with Distinction from Goldsmiths.  Quilla Constance has been meeting the pop music industry head on and is challenging it armed with the critical thinking skills and pragmatic approach of a discerning contemporary artist.

Jennifer Allen, Urugan, 1998. video/performance DVD cover.  All Rights Reserved.

Full Video Access is Unavailable

Jennifer Allen’s practice is concerned with the transgression of façade and the construction of behavioural boundaries.”

We are also pleased to announce Jennifer Allen’s signed and numbered DVD Covers from her performance art videos 1998-2011, previously sold at SCOPE Miami and Charlie Smith, London, will now be available through the Dirt and Stardust gallery shop.  The actual DVDs themselves do exist and have been collected by prestigious institutions and private collectors, but are not currently for sale here.

The provocative Jennifer Allen DVD Covers give a whole new meaning to how contemporary art is made available and, in turn, question how women on stage might be made to be available.  For us, full video access is not available, but its surface is now on sale.  You can pre-order DVD Covers here.

Quilla Constance.  Photo by Simon Richardson.  All Rights Reserved 2011.

Feeling compromised?

Speaking of surfaces, Quilla Constance’s next performance will be at Turbulent Surfaces, Brook Theatre, November 12th 2011 (2pm – 6pm), curated by Kirsten Cooke.

“Turbulent Surfaces … is an experimental stage that fuses the fields of pop culture, entertainment and debate.  Culminating in an afternoon of … [events], which challenge the way we participate as an audience in spectacle, media and politics. … The event presents artistic practices that seek to intersect, de-centre and cut the vista of images that make up and habituate our everyday experiences.”  Kirsten Cooke

Quilla Constance’s most recent photo-shoot (see above), depicts a woman with oversized blond hair, oversized tits and extra long legs.  Her face is hidden by a mass of curly locks and her knock-kneed stance is that of a compromised woman.  So, if her latest photo-shoot is anything to go by we can expect high-pitched screams and whispers of a woman reduced (backed by an electronic beat).

I’m looking forward to Turbulent Surfaces and think it is worth considering in relation to Performance Matters’ next programme of events, Trashing Performance, which begins this Tuesday the 25th October.

Also, not to be missed at Turbulent Surfaces:  a screening of Bernadette Corporation’s film, Get Rid of Yourself .  The film documents and re-stages the anarchist group Black Bloc’s actions during the riots at the G8 summit, which are interjected with scenes of the actress Chloe Sevigny trying to learn the lines of a protester.

Turbulent Surfaces, Brook Theatre – Old Town Hall, 5 The Brook Town Centre, Chatham Kent ME4 4SE.  The event is free but booking is essential.

Quilla Constance Underwear™ – a limited edition underwear range and Jennifer Allen’s signed and numbered DVD Covers will be available from the Dirt and Stardust gallery shop on the 1st of December 2011.

PS  Quilla Constance has recently announced that she will be launching QC Perfume, which we hope to be selling for Valentine’s 2012.

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